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live edged walnut table rolled steel base


Custom Steel Table Bases

Where Wood Meets Steel is a design and fabrication shop in Denver, CO, in business since 2007.  We specialize in custom steel table bases and can design a base for you or fabricate from your designs. Our expertise in design and fabrication will ensure we create a piece that is tailored specifically to your dimensions and needs.


We offer a range of options for custom steel table bases:


  1. Design and fabrication of the entire table: With our large wood slab inventory, we can create a complete table, including the top and base. 

  2. Fabricate just the custom steel table base: If you already have a table top or have designed your own, we can fabricate a steel table base that is perfectly fitted to your specifications.


Our process begins with understanding exactly what you are looking for in terms of dimension, material and design. We will provide as estimate for the work as well as fully dimensioned drawings prior to fabrication. We ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and meets your expectations in terms of both form and function.



Let’s Work Together

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