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Custom furniture has been our main focus for the last 14 years. Our work is in homes, restaurants, boutiques, offices and museums. Our clients are designers, architects, fabricators and individuals and we can work with a complete design or help bring your idea and project to fruition. With design, milling operations, metal fabrication and woodworking under one roof we are able to control the process ensuring the high quality we insist on in our pieces.



We consider your unique space, materials, function and style. We then create renderings of different options. With your feedback we fine tune the design until approved. You are welcome to make an appointment to visit the shop and we will look through inventory together to find the perfect materials for your project.


With both a wood and metal shop we are able to  fabricate most everything in house. This allows us to ensure that the quality is up to our standards. We also work with a select group of local artisans, fabricators and suppliers to source what we need for your project.


The pieces we build for our clients are an investment and should last a lifetime. We take great pride in going above and beyond to pay particular attention to details such as grain, wood movement, finish, structure, form and function.


We use the best finishes available to highlight the natural beauty of the wood and protect your piece for years to come. Unlike the plastic-feeling finishes commonly used, ours allows you to still feel the wood grain.

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