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    We consider many factors when estimating a project. Each custom piece requires a unique set of requirements from the raw materials to design, labor, finishing and assembly. We use our own wood inventory whenever possible, sourcing trees from Denver and surrounding areas of Colorado, which we mill and kiln dry. Our collection of local wood slabs includes dozens of species, sizes and figuring offering a variety of options to choose from. The species, size of the slab, and wood figuring directly influence the cost of each project. At times we may source materials to suit our clients’ specifications and have several established vendors we work with to assure quality product. Market volatility, supply, and demand are just a few factors that cause prices to fluctuate. As such, our estimates are good for three days. If more time passes between the original estimate and the deposit, we may update the estimate based on significant changes in material pricing. Custom pieces are complex and we strive for excellent attention to detail, considering not only the design specific to each piece of wood, but ensuring that the wood can move as needed over its lifetime. Labor hours are estimated by taking into account a number of factors: Design/conception Material transport Wood characteristics Milling/cutting Sanding/finish preparation Assembly Finishing Many things can influence the price of a project, including the character of the wood and whether it needs additional treatment such as resin, hand sanding, butterflies or speciality finishes. In order to lock in pricing and get started, we ask for a deposit of 50% of total project cost, (or 50%/25%/25% for larger scale projects) with the remainder due upon project completion.
    Some projects may require additional installation which is billed at an hourly rate. Site visits and field measurements might be required which would also be billed hourly.
    Every project is individually customized and they all vary greatly in design, scope and build time. This being said, we generally try to turn things around in 6-8 weeks. Sometimes projects can be rushed to meet a deadline for an additional fee. To begin your project and get started, we typically ask for a material deposit (50% of total project cost) before starting the work.
    Delivery cost is calculated based on distance, number of people required, site access and whether the piece needs to be assembled onsite. Occassionally deliveries must happen outside normal business hours in which case they are billed at time and a half. Please inquire about delivery estimates.
    Always be sure to measure your home or office space beforehand to ensure the furniture will fit properly within the space. Things to consider for delivery are: Will the furniture fit through doors? Are there stairs, corners or other obstacles leading to the desired destination? Is there an elevator large enough to fit the piece? Are there any weight restrictions for the elevator? Are there parking constraints that may restrict delivery times? Does your building management have specific requirements for Certificates of Insurance? Reach out if you are uncertain and we can discuss possible issues and solutions.
    There are many options for wood finishes, but we generally use three coats of catalyzed polyurethane finish which provides superior protection while still allowing you to see and feel the character of the wood. If you are interested in a stain, please provide a physical sample. Digital images and printed images vary widely and are not a reliable means of matching a finish.
    Wood will dent and scratch over time, but with the proper care, will age gracefully, developing character and patina. You can generally wipe the furniture (both wood and steel parts) with a damp cloth and can use a drop of mild dish soap if needed with a microfiber cloth. Avoid cleaning products containing detergents, alcohol, ammonia or solvents or anything abrasive. Be careful when moving things across any wood surface. Dust regularly with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. During the first year of owning your furniture, the patina of your wood furniture may change, especially if exposed to sunlight. Be sure to move display objects frequently during the first few months to ensure an even coloring. Attempt to use coasters when possible on furniture surfaces and be sure to wipe up spills and stains soon after happening.
    All items made by WWMS are warrantied for one year for workmanship. We take pride in our attention to detail and craftsmanship in producing your pieces. We use wood that has been properly dried and is attached using machine bolts and threaded inserts which allow it to move. That said, wood is a natural material which is affected by climate and environment. Your piece(s) will take time to acclimate which may cause changes over time. We do not cover normal wear and tear such as scratches, dents, new or expanding cracks and lightening or darkening of finish over time. We will cover faulty metal work, finish or build issues not due to normal use.
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